National Youth Scout Council

The National Youth Scout Council ( NYSC ) is composed of young elected at the National Youth Forum. The NYSC represent youth to the bodies and commissions of the Mauritius Scout Association.

4 Young at Scout Board, 2 young in each National Commission of the association (program, Finance, Adult Resources , Communication, etc ...)
NYSC Members also have the task of representing the association with some partners and bodies such as the election to the National Children Council, Election to the National Youth Council of the Ministry of Youth and Sports .
Members NYSC also represent our association in different workshops and functions of our partners such as Ministries or other non - governmental organizations.

NYSC Board Members 2018-2019
Fabrice Barbe.

Benoit Ayoung

Marie Noëlle Théa Bégué

Deputy Secretary:
Judy Maurer

Alexandre Junior Sadou

Deputy Treasurer:
Marie Elida Saraffina Jolicoeur

Jonathan Yan Lun Law
Jean Christophe Denovan Gopaul
David André
Marie Elisabeth Nathalia Laviolette
Yoan Bayaram
Stacy Lacouta