Members of National Executive Committee

Bruno Rose

Chief Commissioner

Not Yet Appointed

Deputy Chief Commissioner

Veronique Lodoiska

Finance Commissioner

Sebastien Serret

International Commissioner

Ismail Bawamia

National Youth Program Commissioner

Nicholas Rosa

National Training Commissioner

Queency Soulange

National Adult Resource Development Commissioner

Ritvik Neerbun

National Growth & Planning Commissioner

Jonathan Law Yan Lun

National Commissioner for Communication and Public Relations

Vikram Luximon

HQ Commissioner - Building Maintenance

Martine Gillette

HQ Commissioner - Scout Shop

Iavid Drack

National Commissioner Cub Scouts

Not Yet Appointed

National Commissioner Scouts

Berny Barbe

National Commissioner Venture Scouts

Laval Chan Wing Chong

National Commissioner Rover Scouts

Denis Serret

Representative Bureau Scout Catholique

Sebastien Marc

District Commissioner - North

Patrick Troubat

District Commissioner - Port-Louis

Pamela Serret

District Commissioner - Lower Plaines Wilhems / Black River

Julien Ayoung

District Commissioner - Moka / Flacq

Jean Christophe Pompeia

District Commissioner - Upper Plaines Wilhems / South

Jean Michel Ravina

Rodrigues Scout Council Commissioner