Moka - Flacq

History & Achievemnt of Moka Flacq
Since 8 years, we had witnessed the revival of the district of Moka Flacq.  With strong determination, the district has grown up and actually has 5 scout groups with 283 members.  We have had a great walk since then with lot of activities organised in the District (Founders Day in Saint-Pierre, Flacq and Trou D'eau Douce in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively, District Fund Day) and participation at the National Level (Jamboree 2012, Cuboree in 2010 & 2014) as well as individual accomplishment (2 Cubs awarded Chief Silver Gold Award, 1 Scout Awarded Chief Golf Award in 2014). The district executive committee with the leadership of our District Commissioner, Mr Laval Sirop have put on the project, of relaunching of 2 scout groups.  On 9 and 10 May, we embark on our new project for this year, our Camporee through a team building among all leaders of the district. Our theme for the camporee is 'Ensam pou vive nou CAMPOREE'